How can we be sure that we have found the best possible value?

We are in these markets often so we have greater market intelligence than our clients.  We know what similar companies pay and what smaller and larger companies pay too.  Our purchasing knowledge and frequency gives you better prices.

How much time will my staff have to spend on this project?

Surprisingly little.  They need to help with providing background information like contracts and annual spending information which is available in most accounting systems.  They also need to tell us the quality and service expectations.  4 hours per project is typical.


How do you negotiate lower prices?

We are knowledge aggregators and we come to the bargaining table with more market knowledge than our clients.  We know how to get to the best deals more quickly.  We represent volume in the market.

Do you work on internal business process solutions as well as pricing?

Vendors make us aware of their latest value added services. We help to match those to our client's needs to eliminate inefficient internal processes.

What are the average savings for your clients?

We average over 20% on our completed projects.  When you look at how many revenue dollars have to be created to match the savings from some of our projects, it only makes sense to leave no stone unturned and to tap into our expertise.

How do you get paid?

Profit Professionals retains a portion of the profits that we create.