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Food processing, manufacturing, consumer goods, financial services, distribution, transportation, high tech, retailing, construction, service industries and not-for-profit.

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Customer Testimonial
“Jeff Bradshaw & Profit Professionals were extremely helpful in finding cost saving opportunities for our company. Our particular project required them to examine our shipping and freight costs, which can be a very complicated exercise. They were able to cut through all of the extraneous data and establish the areas where we could realize some savings. They brought a high level of professionalism to their work. They worked well with various members of our team to understand our needs. As they performed the largest part of the analysis, we did not feel that they tasked our people with a lot of work, which was a concern for us. They found real savings and we were very pleased with how much better the pricing was that  they secured for us. We would not hesitate to recommend them to other organizations looking for improved profits through expense reductions."
A satisfied customer in South Western Ontario