Armo-Tool Ltd.


I didn't believe that it would be worth our while to work on the smaller costs like telephones or floor mats. I was amazed by the very large percentages they were able to move these costs without even changing suppliers.


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Paris Southern Lights


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the success of our partnership with Profit Professionals. Profit Professionals have helped us maximize our cost containment efforts, important initiatives with today’s global competitiveness.


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Tigercat Industries Inc.


Profit Professionals did not just make the recommendations and leave it at that. They monitored the performance of the recommended vendors and, when necessary, intervened if service levels did not meet the agreed criteria. Overall the collaboration was a positive experience for PSL and our business has improved as a result.


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W.S. Tyler


The resources that your company has available covers an extensive list of expense categories and a network of expertise that a single company would not have in house. In some cases, we were able to keep our existing supplier but with improved pricing. Our savings ranged from 12% to 118% over approximately 10 expense categories.


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Unitron Hearing Ltd.


Profit Professionals Associates Jeff Bradshaw & Mike Simms were extremely helpful in finding cost saving opportunities for our company. Our particular project required them to examine our shipping and freight costs, which can be an extremely complicated process.


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